Dev Sharma

Founder, Executive Director
  • MS Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Law
  • PG Business Statistics
  • BS Accounting & Finance
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, Career Counselor
Professional Expertise: Immigration Law, Information Technology, Accounting & Finance


Sharma is always erotic to conduct career counselling and always come with the attitude to show opportunities for growth to young generation. Sharma encourage youth to have their own personality by connecting with them. Sharma continuously studies cutting edge software technology, business automation techniques and virtual reality. Being a role model Dev always discuss their own experiences with scholars and fresher to evaluate a clear vision for their career path. Dev tries his best to interact with scholars to forecast their next 10 years and age of consent.

Early life and Education:

Dev Sharma was born in Amritsar (Punjab) India. Sharma’s father made to study hard in faculty of Commerce and he graduated in Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Law and PG in Business Statistics all the three degrees earned from GNDU and further enrolled for PG in Computer Science from G.J.U. He spent years on his studies and started his career and served as a period of life to Hindu College under GNDU. 6 Years later he worked as senior software engineer in Tata Consultancy services in Bangalore.

Professional Life & His Career:

In 2006 Sharma elevated his career and take the next step by transposing to Washington DC, United States with his family and give out as a Software entrepreneur and invented various web based ERP, EMR, HER, BPO, LPO, CRM. His expertise’s as Computer programmer and in IT world running many fix bugs. Dev has superiority in consultancy business and service, encounter challenges, and resolve business critical issues, strategic workflow automation with his logical thinking. His proficiency to unriddle interrogation of complications brings him to high profile.

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