General Questions

Express English Education offers various training English proficiency test preparation such as CELPIP, IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, OET and other languages like French. It also offers a variety of other certificate courses such as Accounting Clerk Abroad, Computer Operator Abroad, Customer Care Executive Abroad, Embassy Interview Preparation etc.

Express English Education is one of the leading language institutes in India providing state of the art training by certified staff, digital classes, virtual classroom, video training from the top IELTS teachers from multiple countries, cutting edge technology and world class facilities.

A strategy of preparation for any exam is dynamic and customizable per trainee’s targeted needs. A combination of world class study material, mothology to prepare exam and personalized attention by certified staff makes Express English Education exceptional.

Yes, Express English Education built up a team of professionals and highly experienced having certifications in EEE method of teaching language. Many of them have travelled across the world or previously lived in American, Canada, Australia and English speaking countries and they are pretty much familiar with the native speaking style, fluency and culture and they are passionate to foster similar skill to our trainees.

Yes, Express English Education is institute of preparation for variety of exams mentioned below:

International English Language Testing System - IELTS
Test of English as a Foreign Language - TOEFL
Pearson Tests of English - PTE
Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program - CELPIP
Occupational English Test - OET
Diplôme d'études en langue française

Please visit our office or inquire online about the fee structure for any exam preparation or certificate programs.

Yes, Express English Education offers a demo class up to 3 days for all exam preparation and other training programs.

We have a variety of payment options such as Google Pay, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Dead Draft, Baker Cheque, Wire Transfer, Cash Counter etc.

You can pay all your fee with the method convenient for you.

Most of the programs are offered to adults but we take children above 14 years of age for language programs unless otherwise there is a special summer camp or workshop organized.

  1. All fees and payment should be made using our payment method.
  2. Payment has to be made by any method such as Google Pay, PayPal, Direct Deposit, Dead Draft, Baker Cheque, Wire Transfer, Cash Counter etc.
  3. The course fee must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the course.
  4. Fee once paid is valid for a period of six months before which the course has to be completed or else the admission stands cancelled and the fee will not be refunded.
  5. Certain programs may have a minimum number of students required to start a group batch, please ensure from the office before enrolment.
  6. Fees once paid will not be refunded. If there are inadequate registrations for a particular batch, the batch may be cancelled or postponed. If the batch is cancelled from Express English Education office and doesn’t start as per the schedule announced on our website, the fee will be refunded.
  7. Express English Education reserves the right to update class schedule per business needs.
  8. Transfer from one batch to another batch would be accepted only before the commencement of the course. The same would be decided based on the availability of seats in the desired batch.

Express all the programs cover recommended syllabus and standards guidelines by the operative organization such IDP, iBT or Pearson PLC Group etc. and it all depends on the selected option while joining such as beginners, regular, advanced and expert levels.

Online Virtual Classes

Want to get enrolled in one of the finest IELTS institutions of Amritsar? At EEE Worldwide Immigration Experts are second to none in the list of premier result-oriented IELTS coaching centers in amritsar.We prepare students for something big in their lives by focusing on their dreams.

ans: Everyone can enroll and take part in online mode of conduction vc and learn something . Virtual classroom is a teaching and learning environment where participants can interact, communicate, view and discuss presentations, and engage with learning resources while working in groups, all in an online setting. The medium is often through a video conferencing application.Online discussion groups among teachers and students are a common mode of communication.

For PC users:

Mozilla Firefox web browser (recommended, as some versions of Internet Explorer occasionally will not function properly with our student information system and login capabilities)

For MAC users:

Google Chrome web browser (recommended, as other browsers will occasionally not function properly.) Please note also that the browser needs to be configured to be able to run JavaScript web applications.

For all users:

Student access to email (If you do not have one, consider Gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc. Please make sure your spam filter is set to allow

Updated version of Adobe Flash Player

Updated version of JavaScript

White board

Headphones with microphone (for foreign language courses)

ans:Exam management is a sophisticated tool used for conducting exams in the VIRTUAL CLASS ROOM.The experts and the students who are learning from them may be living at different Geographical zones. But a feeling is sustained that everybody is together within a hand reach. A student can learn logic by providing ids and passwords. After the successful logic, he/she can watch the lessons that are taken by the expert’s online, can ask questions, or doubts online by using the multi client chat provided. Students can chat with each other using the chat application.White board technology is used in tile virtual classrooms, so users, who are online, will get a similar whiteboard on their computer screens. So the expert on whatever changes his whiteboard will reflect on the screens of tile students who are online, so the student-teacher interaction retains the same feeling of a real world-class room.

Digital Study Material

ans: yes, we have many video study materials related to each course which you want to study.

ans: you can access the digital study material from our website or a youtube page or either you can visit our center for more details regardings the digital study material.

ans: yes, you can use our app on the different smartphones,iphone etc.our EEE made website according to the user you can use the app in any phone or a tab .

ans: yes, you need a proper internet connection to work with digital study material .

ans: yes, the audio is integrated.

ans: Yes,five exercise with interactivity are;

  1. Content is the king; first be sure you have relevant subject matter.
  2. Allow students to explore.
  3. Collect feedback.
  4. Ask questions.
  5. Share resources and hyperlinks.

ans: yes, you can download the ebook into devices with one download code.

ans: Once you enroll in the EEE and you want digital study material you can use that e-book after enrolling in the EEE.There is no expiration date for the e-book.

ans: Please visit our website or youtube page for the digital study material.

ans: Please visit our office or inquire online about the fee structure for any exam preparation or certificate programs.