Making Learning Possible For All

Making Learning Possible for All

Express English language classes in Bangalore will be handy for people of all ages, particularly for students and professionals.

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Express Programs prepare you for the following Exams:

  • Express Exams
  • IELTS Exams conducted by British Council


  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Softskills
  • Workshops




If you wish to speak English fluently, let's join us today!
Express has designed such a wonderful spoken English program to help you achieve a natural speaking style, as well as gain confidence in speaking English. With our Spoken English modules, you will talk, practice and improve your pronunciation and intonation.

Our staff focus on the core areas of English language instruction, including reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar.


Reading skills are necessary for students to interpret assignments, research projects, and perform well in other places. Reading also practices vocabulary, exposes students to sentence structure, and can introduce concepts in nearly any content area.


Writing a new language is far different than learning to speak it. We focus on each student's ability and make them able to write effectively in English to perform well in both class and future employment.


Learning the vocabulary of a new language is essential for meaningful progress and mastery. Using cross-curricular terms. EEE teachers can ask students' other teachers for appropriate words to incorporate into a vocabulary list. This has the added bonus of helping students study for other classes while they learn English.

Word of the day. Choosing a word of the day and discussing its definition is the perfect way to introduce unique vocabulary words to the students.


For many students, learning grammar can be the most difficult part of adjusting to English. Our teachers pay particular attention to verb tenses, sentence structure and syntax, appropriate pronoun usage, and how to create plural words because these are often the most difficult areas of grammar for the students.


We finalize the program through projects having some special assignments.

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